Before Select for our services, there are small questions that you should possibly ask yourself:

  • Do the content of your website dates back to years ago and do not make sense anymore?
  • Do you feel that your website can not match up to your profession goals?
  • Do you  want to mark different  following than the ones you have been targeting before?
  • If the above response are in the  approving, you must surely try our website redesigning services. We will not only help to change the way your website currently looks but also match it up to the new changing movement. Some features of our process are:

Meeting up with the changing require of the world

The world is changing very quickly and new movement are spread faster than ever. The web content that was applicable yesterday may not be applicable today because of the changing scenario. Thus a website starts looking outdated. Changes should be made in the website from time to time.

Expanding with the Business  plan

The major  feature of a business is its ever changing size. It keeps on expanding with time. The progress in your business should also be visible in your website but this can only be done with redesigning the site and adding more applicable data and space to it. So, if the progress of your business is still not evident on your website, you should definitely try our service.

Supply better User experience

The development of the new technologies has Supply a lot of choice for making any website interactive and user friendly. The ease of use of the site gives more contentment to the user.

Expert look for the website

If you have an e-commerce website or the one in which users have to spend money for their benefit, then it is required for your site to look expert and attractive to the users. It is important for the users to assume that your website is reliable. reorganization  the website can enhance the look and make it look more expert than ever. This  initiate a strong support for the customers to spend their money in your plans. With the expand in the number of cyber crime cases, it is must.

Ranking among search engine results

Having a good ranking in search engine results, plays an important role in attracting traffic on your site. However, maintaining the top position in the search results is not an easy task. The regular updating of most of the websites pushes the ones which were not lately updated.

Our approach

We cater to all the requirements of the user. Webmore Technologies offers complete redesigning of the website. The benefits of using our service results in improved ranking of the website in search engine results. Apart from this we give a new professional look to the website providing round-the-clock customer support. The improved website also helps to meet your business goals. We also upgrade it with latest technology to match up with the present scenario. Our services include either complete redesigning of the website or just changing a specific part of it.

In the process of redesigning of a website, we follow the given 3 steps:
1. Analysis

Our first step in redesigning a website is to analyze the current website. We go through the current website analyzing each and every aspect of it. In this step, we concentrate on the functionality of the site. We also examine every feature of the current website before making any changes to it. Its performance on the search engine is also checked. The graphics and the images of the website are checked to improve it later. In short, the advantages and disadvantages of the current website are evaluated before moving onto the next step.

2. Client Interaction

This is the most important step in our process. In this step, we discuss with the client about his requirement and expectations from the new website. We give them a brief review of their current website that was examined in the first step. By the end of this step, we are sure of what changes are to be made in the current site. The user explains his business goals and his special requirements that he wishes to see. This helps us to lay a plan for the project.

3. Redesign process

The actual process of redesigning takes place in this step. According to the plan laid out in step2, our team of trained and experienced developers starts the actual redesigning of the website. The reason behind our success is the balanced relationship between the whole team.